Wildly Popular BottleKeeper Awards IndieWhip Production Duties

BottleKeeper, inventor of the world’s most ultimate beer bottle koozie, selected IndieWhip to create their first series of video ads featuring their wildly successful products. BottleKeeper has had immense e-commerce success through social media and static ads - and now the team wants to focus on video that showcases the clever uses for the product, and exaggerated situations in which the BottleKeeper can keep a bottled beer ice cold, fresh, and safe.

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BoseBUILD Selects IndieWhip For New Product Commercial

IndieWhip was selected by BOSEbuild, a new product devision of Bose, and awarded the concept pitch, production, and post-production work for a new commercial featuring a new product. Bose is a specialized audio equipment company, but most importantly, a household name respected by multiple generations of audio enthusiasts.

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IndieWhip Awarded Production for Rally With Ripple

IndieWhip has been officially awarded production duties for a new commercial for Rally With Ripple. Rally With Ripple is a West Coast based social-media platform geared towards influencers to help them raise money for important causes. Celebrities and influencers upload their content to Ripple, which then shares to social networks, driving traffic back to Ripple in a co-sponsored environment to generate ad revenue for charities and causes.

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